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Productivity of Services

Service Productivity with SME


Heads of Working Group:

Ewald Heinen
Institut für Technik der Betriebsführung im Deutschen Handwerksinstitut e.V.

Harald Scharrenbach
Scharrenbach & Thelen Metallbau



Innovation Office: Walter Ganz, +49 711/970-2180,

Project Management Agency: Klaus Zühlke-Robinet, +49 228/3821-1-311,


Description of the Working Group:

Below you find the current fact sheet of the working group:
SP Productivity of Services WG SME

Productivity Aspects

Considering the number of enterprises and employees, the branch of Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) presents a significant part in the tertiary sector.
Yet, due to certain characteristics of small and medium sized businesses, findings
of research concerned with the field of „services” are distributed but timedelayed
among SMEs. Difficulties in differentiating between parts of services
and the partially not very systematically organized job order planning and transaction
in small businesses are blurring the role of an adduced service in relation
to the adduced added value. Despite a systematical development of a bundle of
services with an apparently clearly defined final result, the determinants are
known, but little or not at all quantifiable. The projects represented in the work
group counteract this situation by developing adequate methods for the measurement
and the increase of the productivity of services. These methods form
the base for further research – from the development of a holistic management
system for the productivity of services over the application of „Open Innovation“
in the redevelopment of services to the integration of different service
parts into development and production processes.

Objectives of the Working Group

  • Identification of specific topics and tasks related to productivity of services
    which are relevant for SMEs
  • Raising public awareness for the importance of SMEs within the scope of
    the productivity of services
  • Isolation of possible SME-specific contributions to measurement and design
    of the productivity of services
  • Working out of SME-specific recommended procedures based on tools
    which are generally applicable

Main Topics

  • Integration of the project-specific main topics: innovation of services in
    the scope of “Open Innovation Processes”, integration of parts of services
    into development and production processes as well as the development
    of a holistic productivity management for SMEs into a joint productivity
  • Analysis of the design of customer-related interactions in SMEs as a relevant
    field for research
  • Portrayal of new methods for increasing and measuring the productivity
    of services in SMEs and demand-oriented adaptation and allocation of
    these approaches for SMEs
  • Development of recommended procedures relevant for SMEs and the distribution



Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann,
University of Siegen
Prof. Dr. Martin Schmauder,
TU Dresden
Ewald Heinen,
DHI e.V.
Hubert Sperlich,
Telegärtner Gerätebau GmbH
Harald Scharrenbach,
Scharrenbach & Thelen Metallbau
Dietmar Vollmer,
Vollmer Reinigung


Funded Projects:

SYSERIS – Systemic Service Innovation in SME

ProDiK – Integrated Productivity Management for Services in SME

WEGANO – Tools for a Holistic Analysis and Optimization of Skill-Intensive Hybrid Value-Added Processes in Small Enterprises